Akila de Silva

About Me

I am a PhD Candidate at UC Santa Cruz.

Selected Publications

Flow-based Rip Current Detection and Visualization.

IEEE Access, 2022: Published Article

Acceptance rate : 30%

Issei Mori, Akila de Silva, Gregory Dusek, James Davis, Alex Pang

Rip Current Detection from Region Based Convolutional Neural Networks.

Coastal Engineering, 2021: Video, Preprint, Published Journal Article

Acceptance rate : 24%

Akila de Silva, Issei Mori, Gregory Dusek, James Davis, Alex Pang

Authoring Platform for Mobile Citizen Science Apps with Client-side ML

CSCW Poster, 2021 : Poster, Published Paper

Fahim Hasan Khan, Akila de Silva, Gregory Dusek, James Davis, Alex Pang

Face Models: How Good Does My Data Need To Be?.

International Conference on Image Processing, 2021: Published Paper

Acceptance rate : 46%

Jiahao Luo, Fahim Hasan Khan, Issei Mori, Akila de Silva, Eric Sandoval Ruezga, James Davis

From Lifeguards to AI: Advancing Rip Current Forecasting Through New Detection Methods.

Ocean Sciences Meeting, 2020: Poster link, Poster

Gregory Dusek, Michael Churma, Jung-Sun Im, Alex Pang, Akila de Silva, Issei Mori

Sequential Image Synthesis for Human Activity Video Generation.

International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, 2019: Published Paper

Acceptance rate : 59%

Fahim Hasan Khan*, Akila de Silva*, Jayanth Yetukuri*, Narges Norouzi*

* equal contribution